The Eyebrow is an important part of facial symmetry and contributes to the aesthetic appearance of male and female. Eyebrows frame eyes and are one of the first facial feature we look at in someone. A person without natural appearing eyebrows is very conscious of their appearance. Transplantation surgery can often restore eyebrows to their natural youthful appearance.

Eyebrows lose their natural full appearance by:
  • Congenital Causes
  • Trauma-burns, auto accident, chemical or electrical burns
  • Radiation or Chemotherapy
  • Medical, Autoimmune, or Systemic Disease
  • Obsessive Compulsive plucking referred to as Trichotillomania
  • Normal Aging process

For those men and women who have lost the natural full appearance of their eyebrows, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) provide the easiest and the best surgical method for fast and simple eyebrow restoration. Compared to the Strip method, there are faster and easier healing, no sutures or scars, and less post-operative down time.
We use single hair grafts/hair follicles from the lateral part of the Occipital region of your scalp because they contain the greatest number of single-hair follicular units with the smallest diameter. The most valuable aspect of how our office performs this procedure is we do not remove a strip from your scalp.