Why choose it?
Face Infusion is a machine specifically suited to combat skin imperfections, a real shower of active ingredients that visibly make the skin young and healthy. The machine uses the principles of electroporation combined with microdermabrasion, which allows eliminating and correcting diseases originating in the epidermis and in the surface layers of the dermis. Dead cells are removed, the skin regains tone, blood circulation regains vigour, and collagen production is improved.
The result is a feeling of compactness and glow, the face looks young and refreshed and does not feel the effects of time or stress.

Features and functioning:
Advanced system for the infusion of topical agents, improved by simultaneous skin microdermabrasion. Face Infusion synergically combines microdermabrasion and the controlled transdermal delivery of active ingredients. The special head with circular diamond crown carries out abrasion via mechanical micropulsations and at the same time releases topical agents, which are delivered by the micro currents to the deepest layers of the skin. There are four sets of serum available, each serum containing unique and effective ingredients for each of the various treatments. The special metallic head with refilling jar allows  delivering the  product. A hand piece for body treatment is also available.